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Week 3 Google Search Ads UPDATED Training


Hi did anyone else have a problem with the Updated Training for Google SEARCH ADDS being totally out of focus? Surprised that nobody else has mentioned it as I was unable to ready one word of the screens being displayed… Thought someone should know if nobody has noticed.



Hi @clivestamp! Have you tried changing the quality setting of the video?

Try to set it to HD for better video quality.


Let me know.



I will try it later but please understand when your internet speed is really poor- see my support request, running is at HD is not a practical option. Why should I need to for those videos when I dont have to for the standard course videos… I suspect when they were loaded Ilyam had the same problem poor internet so the quality tanked? Just guessing. Ill try and let you know. NB it was the same for both of the 2020 update videos in week 3