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Week 2 SAS Presells [2019] not found in Bleuhost


Hello, I couldn’t find SAS Presells [2019] in my Bluehost Page Settings, only Super Affiliate System Presells page instead. So in my Clickfunnels Account the English Presell appears differently to John’s video. How to fix that?



Thérèse, most likely Clickbank has simply changed their interface lately. Sometimes these platforms change their designs so fast and it’s simply not possible to keep it up with them. Nevertheless be assured that we are working on updating the videos to reflect all recent changes :+1:



So I just set up my acct with BlueHost, Wordpress and also Clickfunnels following the tutorial but be aware that the interface is slightly different compared to what John walks us through, as they must have recently gone through a UI refresh.

**The same goes for ClickFunnels, when you get there in the next step.

BUT, FEAR NOT! Bluehost has AWESOME Chat support.

I was able to find what I needed intuitively but for some reason couldn’t get my newly created domain ( to redirect to my affiliate link pg. So instead of coming here, I just went to BH Chat support and not only did they fix my issue for me, they taught me a ‘Redirect’ shortcut that I’ll def use in the future.

Sooo…not only do we have the support we need in this community, don’t forget that each company we give monies to has their own dedicated support teams, each of whom are subject matter experts in their unique domains, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of them.

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I really appreciate your piece of advice. Thank you rcparenti!

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Hi @kiokatheresa02, in addition to what Bastian and Richard have said, you may also check this article in our knowledge base for the updated Clickfunnels set up for your reference. :smile:



Thank you Bastian! I finally used the one available in my Bleuhost Click Funnels page settings list.

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