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Very Cool Sales and Climbing!


Hello everyone, exciting news. I have gotten some sales the last 2 days. This is my first 2 day streak; we will see what happens tomorrow but if I did my funnels right I should have more sales coming and more often. I really want to Thank John Crestani for this course. I am planning on doing video of my accomplishments and to share with others this does work if you put the work into it. My sales are coming from a more direct approach. I was intrigued by John saying I could contact other businesses and use this system. So I contacted an attorney office in my area. I kinda know them only by reputation of being a service to the community. Anyways, I just literally told them I have some ideas that would work in getting them referrals and possibly future clients. Before I go into to much I must say that I Pre-Built a Funnel in Clickfunnels recommended by John. Then I presented it to them. They liked it and put me on a 14-day trial period to see if what I said I was going to do was true. Well within literally the same day, they got referral after referral. I made $120 the following day and today I made $400. They haven’t told me yet if they are going to keep my services but I think they just might and then we can negotiate some conversion money. Not to shabby and I am excited to see what tomorrow brings. Now I am going to scale this, plus I am going to do other affiliate offers. I am getting traffic also from my SAS funnels that I am promoting. Can’t wait for those sales as well. This would not be possible if it wasn’t for getting this program, believing this could be done, and taking massive action. Please pass this onto John for me. I can’t wait to shake his hand and get him that drink he keeps talking about, LOL.

To all your success,




Wow Jason @jreiland01! :star_struck: We are so happy to hear about your success…you make us proud! Congratulations and keep going like this…there is are so many more great things waiting for you on this road! :rocket: And thank you for the video testimonial that you are planning to make! This is awesome! :sunglasses:

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did you or anyone reading this create a google display ad and get any sales well just wondering i just got done setting up a display ad for google ill let everyone know how it goes at 20 bucks a day thanks for any replies TroBoy5

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Wow, congratulations on your success @jreiland01! :clap::clinking_glasses:

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Hello @troystergreen, I have done a few Google Display Ads. I have gotten some sales but it was from my lead generations that got those sales. The display ads just got them in the door and then I followed up with them. I wanted to build value and trust first; so I have an ongoing relationship.

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Congratulations for your success story bro!
I spent a lot of money for my journey in this program, I have been referred by John Crestani to the ClickFunnels and I spent a lot money there as well buying courses and books but I was unlucky, I didn’t get any results until now. That’s why I said in my question last Webinar, I might need a mentor, because something going wrong with me, I’m not doing right here. Since I joined to John Crestani’s program in March or April 2020, I tried a lot but no results yet and I will not give up until I get my way through. Good luck to everyone.