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Starting with FB........NOT!


I wanted to know why we start with the FB ad platform when it is so difficult to get them to approve ads…don’t get me wrong…the training to actually place the ad was invaluable.
Ad was rejected overnight…I asked them to review…they rejected again within minutes.

I basically went through all of week 1 training in 1 day…watched all the videos…got my website set up…ran through all of the FB training…and now I have to wait an entire week to start the next module while i have an ad that will not produce anything since FB won’t run it.

I was very excited and pumped to be apart of this…and now i have to wait a week…a little bit of a momentum kill.



Would you like me to call you tomorrow and see if we can get an ad approved for you? I can review your ad with you :slight_smile:

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That would be awesome…I am really not trying to be negative
I was so pumped all day…following each step…I got week 1 done in a day and posted the ad just as John laid it out.
I just want to keep momentum rolling.

I appreciate you reaching out to me.

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Email me at with a few times you’re available tomorrow and your time zone.

I’m UK based 5hrs ahead of EST.



OK…thank you
and thanks again for quick response



Please let us know what magic trick you got to run it.

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nothing is up and running yet



I am pretty stunned by FB. First they approve my ad, then NO, no this ad is not accepted! They had it running for 11 hours then they took it down. Like, who checked and approved the first time? I do not get it.



I had the exact same experience, feeling so pumped I was a head of the game 3 days in. Lol. I am still waiting to get some help in getting my ad approved myself. I am glad to see support reached out to you!



did you ever get your ad up with the help of support?

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