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SAS landing page software


As I’m going through the training, I hear mention of a software program that SAS has created as an option to Clickfunnels. Are any of you using this? My Clickfunnel’s 14-day free period is coming to an end and I would like to check out SAS’s software.

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I created this using SAS pagebuilder
To me, Clickfunnels is way too expensive for people who are just starting an online business.



Hi @sandralittle55, the registration link for SASPanel new platform is here .

We have recently developed a new platform called SASPanel which is meant to replace Clickfunnels and eradicate the need for Bluehost, it’s a hosting platform which contains pre-loaded presell pages with your own affiliate ID integrated on them, and various additional tools, while staying VERY simple.

I’d like to invite you to re-watch the webinar and try out the platform.



Thanks Roel, I will check that out.



I will check it out, thank you



Hi, I have already started using the saspanel which is great. I had help from Ilya as my domain from Bluehost had to be setup, the A host and Cname settings had to be changed which I messed up slightly but got there in the end.
Only one thing now my website (SAS landing page) was rejected by Google Ads so probably will need some help sorting this out!



Great work. I hope to do something similar soon.



Thanks for your help.
I have another question…when I make this transition, how is it going to affect my adwords ads that I have running? Will I have to make any changes in adwords?



Hi @dagmanley, was your Google ad suspended after you connected your domain to SASPanel? If so, you will have to change the final url on your Google ad to the saspanel domain page. I hope this helps.

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If you choose to connect your Blueshost domain to the SASPanel, meaning you decide to leave Bluehost for now and your pages/info on Bluehost hosting platform will NOT transferred since they are two different platforms. What you need to do is to change the final URL on your Google ad to the domain page you have on the SASPanel.



Hi, I set up my ad on Google Ads after connecting my Bluehost domain to the SAS Panel which Ilya did for me. I had no content on Bluehost as I just paid for my domain name Do I just use for Google Ads or do I need a longer URL including saspanel?
Thank, Dave



Hi @dagmanley, note that Bluehost and SASPanel are two different hosting services. If you point your Bluehost domain to SASPanel, you decide to leave Bluehost for now and your pages/info on Bluehost hosting platform will NOT be transferred.

You should already be using the domain page you have with the SASPanel instead of the one in Bluehost, since it will no longer work.



Hi Sandy…
I’m not sure if you have heard of Builderall…it’s a software that provides a few key
tools for this business…again it’s called " Builderall "… : )
~ Sean



Hi Sean, no I haven’t heard about Builderall. Was it mentioned on the last webinar. I tuned into the webinar late and haven’t had a chance to watch the whole thing.

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It is very helpful. I really appreciate all the help and the afford the team has put in. And Ilya is the best. He helped me getting my domain issues straight. :slight_smile:

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Hi Done mine Just now



Great work, guys! @changnoi15 @kennyfam2000



Good job Bro. We need to maintain the momentum.

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Hi Sandra…
How’s your progress with the New Beta Course SAS Pro ?
I have been going through it from the beginning. I previously completed John’s original course BUT always learn something new AND reminded from the man himself ( John ) of little
I had another sale of John’s course on May 22nd via a Google Ad and subsequent email
marketing follow-up campaign…:grinning::stuck_out_tongue::sunglasses:

~ Sean