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No zip files/ Different Offer


Hello, lets say i want to promote a offer from a different network. How would I go about directing it on my website since I have no zip files to download (Manual Method)

Will the new course On May10 make this process easier or?

Thank You

Sorry if this was asked before, I searched but didnt find this question.



Hi @bentleyteam2019, some vendors of other products you wish to promote provides presell pages that you can download. Otherwise, you have to create your own presell page from scratch.

And yes, the new course and tools that come with it on May 10 will make the process easier for you. :grinning:



sweet…thanks a bunch…

Actually, what are some of the best converting offers from clickbank or digistore right now?



Hi @bentleyteam2019, we do have a training on choosing a product to promote here. I hope this will help.