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Need some new motivation


Hi everyone!
I’m kinda giving up. I dunno. Feeling demotivated. Losing my confidence in everything. I know i should just wait and try but sometimes i feel like easy for other people but extremely hard for me to achieve something. I’ve spent time and money for many things to generate income but still zero. My cafe business is going down day by day. I’m just feeling demotivated now. I hope I will find happiness soon. Just sharing

P/s : i will keep trying to do something with my SAS eventhough everything I tried everything seems failing and I have to admit I just follow exactly what being tauught in the video but I still feel the darkness :cry:


1st Sale 😊 At Last (Red Tea Detox)

Tried SAS but my fb account was blocked. Using SAS for google it’s very costly to me. :sweat:



Hi You might consider the Internet Jetset course in the Resource Link area. It focuses on free traffic methods. It’s included with your SAS purchase. Only extra cost would be about $19/month autoresponder subscription if you already have a domain name and Wordpress site. Nigel



How do i find it in Adv network?



Hi Nigel!

How do I work around what u suggested for Internet Jetset Course?




The course is in the course archive of on the Resources Links page. The videos are Flash based which on Windows 10 is easy to run using the Chrome browser otherwise install Flash for your non-Chrome browser.

Do the Chosing your Niche Module and go for Clickbank as the affiliate network to find offers (as you probably are already in Clickbank). Then do the Google module and take the Affiliate Blog route. Doing the Youtube module teaches how to start your own Channel which is fun.

I never did enough work to get free traffic working (you pay in time instead of dollars) but it’s an option if you choose not to do paid traffic.

I started a website in the antivirus niche and a Neil Brown Reviews YouTube channel from the Module’s instructions. The YouTube Channel is fun if you like that sort of thing. Smart phones are plenty good enough which is what I used for my shots plus OBS Studio (which is free) can do Windows screen recording well.

The Niche of antivirus is pretty heavily advertised to by the AV companies so that’s my excuse for not getting traffic but it’s really that I didn’t spend the time because of my limiting belief that it wouldn’t work.
Happy to talk more about it. Nigel



Hi Nigel! Thank you for your suggestion, really appreciate it. I will definitely try that out too. soon! that’s for sure. Will share with you the outcome.

Thank you again


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