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My Two-Week Resume


Resume of my first two weeks:

I have to say that I’m a bit disappointed with my results so far. My partner and I have invested $500 in advertising mainly on Google.

My partner had his Facebook campaign ads approved after multiple non-approvals but after eventual approval ran a campaign for a few days. Then after trying to re-run the approved campaign again for an extended period of time his account was closed permanently.

My own experience with Facebook was similar: My first ad was approved and running all other than successful for a week. Trying to re-run the ad a second week resulted in disapproval. I have a FB fan page too, so I tried to boost my post, result: not approved and Fb says “Your post is still published on your Page, but it is no longer boosted because it doesn’t follow Facebook’s Advertising Policies”. But looking at my fan page I found that my post has disappeared!

So I turned to Google:

After moving to Google search and display ads it became increasingly obvious that, after a joint (226 search and display) of clicks sent to the landing page, I found that about 10% of those clicks turned into Clickbank hops. Just 1 lonely Order Impr. and NO clicks resulted in any sales.
Display Ads had a much lower conversion to hops. My all in all CTR is just 0.78% - not really exciting. We added a number of ad variants in ad groups, concentrating on ‘Gurus’ and 'Courses’.

My general feeling is that the trouble is either traffic or conversion. So are we targeting the right
and best quality traffic? The answer is no because Google will not allow us to use targeted buyers audience from the buyer’s list provided.
From a conversion point of view the CTR the landing page provided is not brilliant from our testing.

In addition, as it is a Video pre-sale landing page it uses a youtube video which when run through allows users to click on the typical Youtube assortment of other videos, thus taking users off to more of Johns videos. When they do so a new browser window opens. So gone is the user, no potential commission for me? But possibly a sale from Johns Youtube channel.

I heard that more landing pages are apparently available to ClickFunnels users but there remains just one for the manual method which we are using.

My partner and I are now developing a new landing page that is a VSL but with our own video that does not use Youtube and when the user sees the video end, that’s it - no excuse to go elsewhere.

In conclusion, when reading through the forum posts it seems I am not the only one struggling. I think we need more support to address these problems as not all of our community will be able to provide alternatives.

In the video John says to put in some $250 mth in advertising, we’ve spend already double the amount in just 2 weeks. So far nothing has come back in and it’s just a question of time when we’ll run out of money…



Hello bbblue,

I am having similar issues and could really use some specific advice from @John_Crestani so it is not the blind leading the blind here. The support desk is helpful but for more intricate and sensitive questions, many of us are needing help. The replies to people who have made sales are present, but what about the people with questions.

I have spent over $1000 over the past month personally. About $750 on FB and $300+ on Google Ads/YT. I followed the control swipes provided and created a ton of variations with ad copy and presell.

I currently have 5 order form impressions, 1 order form server call, and no sales to date.

Some help from the guru himself would be nice…

Rant Done. Thread Followed.

All the best bbblue

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Interesting, insightful and helpful. I wish you and your Partner all the best. I understand your frustrations but Keep on Keeping on and because you are headed for success.

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I prefer that questions are direct; can you could please reframe whatever you want advice as as a question, if you are looking for advice?

The issue I have with offering advice, where noone asks for any, is that the world is so full of ‘unrequested advice-givers’ it can be a bit burdensome.

That said, Im assuming the question is something non-specific along the lines of “It isnt working, what do I do?!”

This is a very common when starting out, and comes from a sort of job-mentality, victim-mentality mindset, because the question infers that something OUTSIDE of your control is NOT working! That something you (believe) you dont have control over is affecting your success, OR, even more maliciously, that you were given a bad ‘map’ to begin with!!!

I can sortof tell you’re in this thinking. I see the blame being deflected from yourself, without lots of self-reflection or self-analysis into solutions (you could be testing new ads, videos, traffic sources, trying to figure stuff out based on the data, etc)

The best way to go about things is be 100% committed for 3-6months, and try to be as resourceful as possible and figure things out. Ask specific questions of the community, find other ways you can create feedback loops, go to affiliate marketing conferences, google whatever places your stuck on, look at my other successful affiliates and try to figure out why their ads work so well, etc.

Theres plenty of options, but none of them are visible unless you raise the veil of blame-deflection. Yes, its true, I am your teacher, but at the end of the day, you are your own independent person; I am here and you are there; no matter how many resources are offered, no matter how much I care, no matter how much I optimize my training, you must be resourceful and constantly be coming up with solutions to move forward as an entrepreneur, and the good news with affiliate marketing is, anything you want to research or learn about is online, at your fingertips!




Thank you for the response @John_Crestani.

There is probably a lot of truth behind what you said, as you are seeing things from the outside looking in. Tagging you in a provocative post to cause a pattern interrupt and get attention worked well. I really appreciate the thorough and detailed response. It was a rant and rave post out of frustration; I’m very grateful that you understood that. There are many just like it in the community without a tag.

I did tag you with more specific questions in other threads but understand that there is a lot to moderate just in this community alone, yet alone with your other commitments.

If a victim and blame mentality is causing a haze to cover answers right in front of me, then that will be addressed … (I can hear Kevin Trudeau’s voice in my head when typing that). No need for that mental poison.

The decision is made. The commitment is there. You will see John. It is already done.

Super happy you took the time to respond, so thank you again.

All the best,

  • Bryan

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