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Live Weekly Webinars - Q&A + Training


Hi Folks! On this topic, we will list the different webinars that are happening weekly, and provide links to their replays, I hope you’re enjoying our live sessions!

General Ilya’s webinars introduction and presentation can be found here.
Register for the weekly training here!

December 18th - Q&A + Clickfunnels introduction training Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found right here.
Handouts can be found here and here.

January 2nd Bonus Webinar - Q&A + Thrive Architect introduction + Clickbank product choice/research Training - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here.
Thrive Architect introduction handout is here.
Clickbank product research training handout is here.

January 9th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Outsourcing funnel steps - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here.
The webinar Handout can be found here.

January 16th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Thrive Architect installation & usage - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here.
The webinar Handout can be found here.

January 23d Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Facebook Pixel installation & Usage - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here.
The webinar Handout can be found here.

January 30th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Google Conversion Tracking Set Up & Usage - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here.
The webinar Handout can be found here.

:star2::star2::star2:February 2020 special series - Affiliate Marketing A-Z - Shadowing:star2::star2::star2:

February 6th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Choosing a CB product to promote & collecting JV materials - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here.

February 13th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Building a Presell page & Opt in page and setting it up - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here.

February 20th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Building presell page with Thrive Architect cont. + Opt in page - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here

February 27th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Setting up Google Ads for conversions for our product + Tracking - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here

March 5th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Setting up Google Ads for conversions for our product + Tracking cont. - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here
NOTE: GoToWebinar have messed up my recording! There was a glitch on their system and it wasn’t auto-saved. I salvaged it through my own personal computer backup, but camera is off and some pieces are not clear, I hope it’s still good enough and I apologise!

March 12th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Setting up Facebook Ads to collect leads for our product & testing Google Ad performance - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here

March 19th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Refinement of campaigns for our product & future plan - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here

March 26th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Autoresponders and email lists - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here.
The handout can be found here.

April 2nd Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Ripping landing pages + CB results analysis - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here.
The handout can be found here.

April 9th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + How to be compliant with Google Ads - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here
The handout can be found here.

April 16th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + How to do Google Keyword Research - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here
The handout can be found here.

April 23rd Live Training Webinar - Q&A + SASPanel Rollout & Walkthrough - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here
Registration link for SASPanel new platform is here.
Sign up tutorial video with the above link in the description is here.

April 30th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + How to do basic copywriting of ads - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here
Handout is here.

May 7th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + How to register a domain on GoDaddy (special offer) & connect it to SASPanel - Ilya Gurman
The replay can be found here.
Handout is here

*** NEW COURSE ***
May 14th Live Training Webinar - Q&A + Introduction to the new course version SAS PRO - Ilya Gurman.
The replay can be found here
NOTE: If you’d like to have access to the new course and didn’t participate in the webinar, please contact and we’ll set it up for you.

May 21st Live Training Webinar - Full Q&A Session with reference to new course and the SASPanel - Ilya Gurman.
The replay can be found here

May 28th Live Training Webinar - Making decisions based on your ad results - Overview - Ilya Gurman.
The replay can be found here
Handout is here

June 4th Live Training Webinar - 6 elements of a good presell page, and presell pages analysis - Ilya Gurman.
The replay can be found here
Handout is here

June 11th Live Training Webinar - Facebook Pixel - Refreshment - Ilya Gurman.
The replay can be found here
Handout is here

June 15th Extra Live Training Webinar - SASPanel - Ilya Gurman.
The replay can be found here
Templates update:

June 18th Live Training Webinar - How to safely advertise in the Business Opportunity / Make Money Online Niche - Ilya Gurman.
Replay can be found here.
Handout is here

June 25th Live Training Webinar - Tracking - what is it and what should we track - Ilya Gurman.
Replay can be found here.
Handout is here


End of Week 1 Questions and Action Checklist
How is click funnels different from just using bluehost?
Waiting for week 2
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How Google Conversion Pixel Works?
Best affiliate offer for Adwords
Lets Start this Journey!
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Legal and Email List Building
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Thursday calls page link please

Hi Ilya,

May I ask which timezone the trainings en webinars are shown? Wednesday January the 22nd it’s at 3pm but I’m from the Netherlands so to attend I’ll need to convert the time zones.

Thanks in advance!




Hi joyce! Actually the moment you register, the reminders will arrive based on your timezone :slight_smile:

From now on they are at 1 PM PST! (Starting tomorrow :slight_smile: )


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made this a banner . It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user. #5

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #6


[quote=“IlyaG, post:1, topic:6938”]
[/quote]I have missed this webinar, and wish to view it here.



Hi Dorcas, please feel free to click the ‘replay’ link for the relevant webinar above to view it at your own convenience.



Do you have any technical difficulties? I couldn’t login to Exclusive SAS Live Training webinar why?



I have the same problem.



Is there a link to recordings / training on how to do email marketing campaigns?



@wizerunekwsieci @Krimica We’ve had 150 participants yesterday, not sure what the problem was. Did you sign up for the weekly training? You should get notifications & reminders on the email, with appropriate links.

We did start 30 mins later due to a technical problem that occurred on the webinar platform (I’ve emailed a notification).



Here you can find the special events replays :slight_smile:



Yeah, I figured out later that the webinar was postponed.

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Sorry about that. We had an unexpected over-use of allowed bandwidth on the webinar platform and I needed to solve it before I went on. I did send the email notification but I guess you overlooked it :frowning:



Hi Ilya, when will be the replay for the February 27th call available?
and if possible can you share the invite for the discord chat group here?
Thank you.



Hi @pavlagr , the recording is up :slight_smile:
Here’s discord.



Hello Ilya. Is it possible that we review in the SAS Panel the following: 1. Connect a brand new page (different sales product) to another domain. Meaning having 2 domains of 2 different sale products in the SAS Panel 2. If we published and attached a page to a domain, How can we edit or change the page?



Hi Maria! I’ll address your question on the webinar in a few hours, will you be attending today?



If I watched the replay webinar, would I get an email of the access to the new course too?