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Josiah's SAS Journey Thread (y'all should create one for yourselves also!)


Hey guys, so I started last week. I’m now on Week 2. I decided to start this forum thread to keep track of my progress, for accountability purposes, and to show that I’m actually taking action on this stuff.

Actions taken so far:

  • Bought the course

  • Watched Week 1 and completed the badges that I could complete. Week 2 was locked for a while so I just watched Ilya’s videos on the recorded live QA sessions while I waited.

  • Read on the forums that many people had NO success with solo ads so decided to forego solo ads until I have a website which is taught in Week 2. Ilya said in a live coaching call that if you have a website, you can add tracking to then try to retarget people who visited the site.

  • Finally, Week 2 is unlocked. A major gripe I have with this course is that modules are locked. I do not think this is fair because students only have a 30 day money back no questions asked guarantee. A student would not be able to get through all 6 weeks if they are all locked to go through the other modules all within a 30 day period.

  • After doing some intense clickbank product research, I have come to the conclusion that promoting SAS is a good idea. It has a good gravity for beginners which would be a gravity of anywhere between 10 and 60, it has advertisements running to it, the initial/sale and average/sale are both greater than $15, it has recurring billing, for resources this course provides the presell page, email swipes, and other useful things, on cbsnoop %referred is 82% (anything between 50% and 90% is ideal), and, finally it appears that this product is also uptrending in gravity based on a cbsnoop’s chart

  • Just registered for a domain on bluehost. I haven’t watched the videos on the manual and click funnel method in Week 2 yet. I will probably go with Thrive Architect instead as Ilya taught in one of the coaching calls.

Next action item: going to re-watch that Thrive Architect training video to fully grasp it then I’ll build a presell page using Thrive Architect.


  • Finished setting up my presell page with Thrive Architect

Next Action Item: finish watching the rest of the Week 2 videos

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This is great progress here. Enjoy the rest of the training! :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks, so far I am enjoying it!



Update for today:

  • Watched Ilya’s Facebook Pixel training from the QA weekly replay

  • Noticed something strange with my SAS presell page. On mobile, it looks just fine and seems to work properly. I sent a support ticket in, so please take a look at this. I tried re-downloading and re-importing the Thrive Architect SAS landing page template, and, that didn’t fix it.

  • Here is a screenshot of how it looks on Desktop right now:

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  • Today, my presell page started working fine again. Great news!

  • I installed the Facebook Pixel on my presell page

  • I set the Pixel to keep track of when traffic visits my site and clicks on the “Send Me The Training” button

  • I ordered 100 visitors from a seller on Udimi using the solo ads method. I made sure the “no mobile” option was selected to avoid any sort of tablet and mobile traffic. I also selected to only include top tier traffic. I used email swipe #11 and set my presell page as the link in the email so I can track the visitors. I’m just waiting on the Udimi seller to either accept or deny my order.

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  • Here is my stats from running the solo ad to the SAS program. I predicted that I would get 0 sales and I was right.

  • Here are the stats from Facebook Pixel. It is saying that 27 people clicked on the “Send Me The Training” button on the presell page given to us in this course to promote SAS. @SAS-Support-Staff @IlyaG What should my next step be?? I am only in Week 2 and I cannot see the training in the other weeks as to what I should do with this data?

  • At the last video of Week 2, John said to go ahead and try to promote other offers on Clickbank and to not be afraid of failing. I’m just paraphrasing here as I watched it a few days ago. Anyway, I would like to promote something else on Clickbank I am stuck on how to create my own presell page from scratch, I saw that John Crestani recommends using something called HTTrack to copy the code of other presell pages but is this legal? Is there any plagarism laws I should be worried about by straight up copying other people’s presell pages?

  • I did try to use HTTrack method and I did try to copy someone’s presell page, but, they did not have their hoplink in their presell page when I looked at the code. I couldn’t change the hoplink and substitute it with my hoplink.

  • @SAS-Support-Staff what are some good videos or resources to watch for creating your own presell pages? I saw the video in the support section of this course, but, the video I saw only covered how to create a presell page with Click Funnels. I am using Thrive Architect.


  • I have been watching Week 3 videos and have created a Google Ads account and am promoting SAS

  • No sales so far being reported on Clickbank. I must say, for only 11 clicks and spending $79.16 is a bit expensive?! Is there a way I can optimize this better?

  • Today, I’m watching training on how to install Google Conversion Tracking and I’ll implement this next



Hello, please confirm, did you create your own Thrive SAS presell page, or did you manage to locate the zip files on the course somewhere?

Hello Ilya, where do we find the Thrive Presell page links that we will be uploading? The video says tve-lp-sas-survey-landing-page-thrive… where do we download these files from??? There is no way to view this video with any links surrounding it and you youtube channel doesn’t list this video??? Urgent, I have spent all day literally trying to up load the SAS pre-sell to thrive.



I found the zip files for thrive architect. I think it was in the presentation for thrive architect installation in the weekly live calls.


  • I created another Google Ads account using the VPN method from support and I ran an ad. The ad is approved but there’s no telling how long this Ads account will remain active.

  • I started promoting a different offer on Clickbank because I don’t want to risk promoting the same offer just in case Google tracks that.

  • I made a presell page and installed the Facebook pixel on it


  • My Google Ads account that I set up with a VPN appears to be working still…hope it stays that way

  • Set up facebook search ads…ad is awaiting review by Facebook. Once it is spending money I will screenshot it and upload it to Week 5 for the badge.

  • On my presell page, I added a button to collect emails. I had to re-install the FB Pixel and was having problems because the Pixel tool would not locate the button on the presell page. I had to use a free program called CCleaner to clear history/cache/cookies and restart the browser. After that, the Pixel tool worked fine. So now I’m tracking successfully.

  • Took email swipes from this CB product I’m marketing and added their swipes to my aweber automatic email responder sequence. Had to update the links in the email to my CB hoplink.