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Is there a Website?


Hello there, this is Jason. I hope you all are having a wonderful blessed day. Question? Was I supposed to get a free website with the affiliate program I purchased; or is that some thing else?

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Hi @jreiland01, I believe you are referring to the ready presell pages if I’m not mistaken.

These presell pages are free and available on your resources under presell pages tab.

Otherwise, if you are referring to domain, I’m afraid that the domain doesn’t come free with the purchase.

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You are probably right. I just got confused because some people in the forums talk about the free websites. I kinda thought it was the pre-sell pages but wasn’t sure. Thank you very much for the clarification.

Thank you.




Hi @jreiland01, not a problem! That is actually correct, sometimes, websites, domains, and presell pages are being used interchangeably. But if you have other questions, feel free to tag me. :slight_smile: