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Is Anyone a Bit Discouraged?


I’m just wanted to check in as it’s been a while since I’ve been participating with the program. I’d say I stopped for about a month. I’ve just been so discouraged with how much we have to initially put in and to keep up/maintain with all the monthly subscriptions. Luckily I’ve figured out how to pause CF for $10 a month instead of $100.

I’m just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this too? And if you’re not can you share some of the success you’ve had and what source has that been through.

I was so excited and am kind of am to use CF but I think I’m still overwhelmed at what to create or where to start. I know can be quite simple but perhaps I’m intimidated.

Overall, I feel my ROI has been a big fat zero for What feels like “too long!”… and now to sign up for FB ads is something I’ll be having to pay for next.

Has anyone created their own piece of click bait yet… or a bonus for a potential customer or an opt in page of your own.

I guess I’m just searching for some inspiration… :heart:

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I’ve been quite a few times in that situation when doing dropshipping (a business model different from Affiliate Marketing) and the way I have dealt with those situations is by reminding myself about my reasons why to do all this.
There will always be all sort of challenges and set backs but if you have big enough reasons why you will keep going, fighting and telling yourself you can’t afford to quit.
Also, you might find some courage to keep going by reading inspirational and truthful quotes from successful people like Grant Cardone (success is your duty, obligation and responsibility) or Jim Rohn (don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better).

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@kaliaboiser26 I feel you. All I can say is - when you approach something from a scarcity mentality - there is a lot of fear involved that stops you from doing things. For instance… stopping a month was bad - it made you lose momentum, and and fueled your discouragement.

The truth is you do not need clickfunnels - John includes several pre-sell pages that are in HTML and you just need to load them up. Its a bit more work … but you will find out as a self-employed person that NOTHING is ever free. Everything has a cost… in terms of money or time.

Now, when your time isn’t worth much… then DEFINITELY use to build the business. But if it does has a value, and it is higher than the cost of an activity, then you DEFINITELY want to outsource it to a Tool or an Expert. After all … as a business owner - you are the architect. You envision what you want to create and then put the pieces together… regardless whether those pieces are made by you or someone else.

If you can’t afford facebook ads … thats ok - in John’s You tube channel he shows a ton of ways for you to promote a link for free: you can do facebook posts where you ask people to Like Comment and Share… you can open other social media accounts such as Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram… or you can even use your Bluehost account to create a blog. And just PUBLISH.

Almost everyone I know that has achieved some measure of success, has done so because they are consistent in their publishing. I myself try… but lack the discipline… but I constantly strive. So … chin up. You can do this.

There are three levels to your mind: Conscious, Ape and Lizard. Lizard wants to survive, Ape wants to belong and Conscious wants purpose. When those three levels are not aligned… that in-congruence breeds roadblocks and insecurities. Don’t lose your momentum. Believe that you can do this and when the lizard believes it too… things will just click.

Good luck!


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