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I cant access content beyond week 2


So I just finished the first one and the week 1 but when I attempt to access week 2 it wont let me saying that I am not able to access it. Can someone please help me? I have already sent a message to the support but I was wondering if anyone else here has some advice or this exact thing had happened to them. Thanks.



Who used one-on-one couching to start? Can you please share your experiences to help with my decision at the moment. Thanks!

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The course unlocks one week at a time so if you’re getting the invalid access error, it’s likely that this week of the course is not available to you yet.



Hi Sabrina -
I have just finished Week 1 early, and am too locked out of week 2. I launched a couple of Solo Ads, but am anxious to get busy marketing. My weak spot is around my own website, with URL so I can market using Facebook. Should I hold off and just continue to run solo ads? What do you recommend? Click Funnel and pre-sale pages are mentioned in week 1, but not in depth.

Thanks in Advance - Michael