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How is click funnels different from just using bluehost?


Hey guys just wanted to know what click funnels has that makes it so great? From my understanding it is a tool to help you make websites, doesn’t bluehost and wordpress do that for you already? Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.



form what i took from week two and learning about click funnel and blue host, is that click funnel have websites/funnels that are proven to work and have already had success with, that have been proven to get people over the bridge to the product, hope that helps mate



well click funnels closes that gap of harder work when it comes to building your landing page its easier and faster I have watched alot of webinars over there for the last week or so its a great tool



First of all let’s get the terms/usages right. Bluehost is a hosting platform, that allows you to host a website and put it out on the internet.

Clickfunnels is an online applications that allows you to easily build and edit presell pages, as well as create and edit funnels (sales pathways).

Therefore, there is no harm in having both, especially you can actually use Bluehost to host your Clickfunnels pages using a simple plugin, covered during the 2nd week of the course.

Personally, I don’t use Clickfunnels, I use Thrive Architect (which was covered on a webinar 1 week ago) with Bluehost. I feel that with my current usage, what Clickfunnels offers, is not enough for their price tag. I have well over 20 funnels, and I would’t pay 297$/month for running them. Thrive goes for 67$ lifetime :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help everyone. I would want to make things as easy as possible. I did see thrive architect shown last week. I will look into it more.



I would like to know where the link is to download the SAS presell page/files to use on Thrive Architect?