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How do you use the targeting data buyers list?


Hi everyone.

I need real help right now. I am on week 4 and I am still confused about how to use the targeting data buyers list. Is it a list of potential buyers that we could send email to or is it just a list of old buyers that have succeeded with the affiliate market through those certain niches and that we are aiming for? If so, how do I get started and if not what am I missing? Because I have no clue of where to start with this and no idea of what I am doing right now.


I appreciate all your info and help.



Hi @Hawaabdi98! The Biz Opp buyers list on your resources is for you to use when creating a lookalike audience on Facebook.

For targeting, please refer to this video, where the targeting and the setting up of a Facebook ad are explained, and you can use the relevant buyers’ list to get your targeting right and advertise correctly.

While on Google, if your ad accounts are new you will use Targeting by keywords and groups instead.

John went over this in the Forum. You can review the conversation here: Not eligible for "Customer List"/ "Customer Match" in Google AdWords

Hope this helps.



Okay, thank you very much. I am looking into youtube videos and how to optimize my views and turn them into conversations. I got the views figured out and now have about 1,000 views, but I am struggling in finding a way to turn them into conversations. It seems like I need to be a part of the youtube partners program to get a clickable link on my video, but would you suggest adding a video of one of johns “how to make money online” and subscribers button at the end of the ad until than?