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Hello! New Intro


Hey Everyone! Just wanted to finally say Hi after being here for a few weeks…I’m Sherrye from Gulfport, Fl (St.Pete area). All I can say is WOW!!! This is really challenging for me, as I have no marketing experience and very little computer tech savvy either–a double whammy! However, I am excited and eager to learn everything I can even though I’m overwhelmed to say the least. But, I am committed to learning these new techniques (and for me, languages lol). Taking my time to try and absorb—already reviewed thru week 2 a couple times but that’s ok…I’m up for a challenge! my new mantra…never give up. never give up. never give up. Thanks John and SAS for the training and opportunity for a better future! Also thanks so much to other members input as well–you have helped clarify some confusion as well. Good luck to us All!!!



Hey Sherrye @sherryed1, it’s lovely to finally meet you…I am very happy to see and hear that you are totally committed to this! I know that it can be tough and challenging sometimes - but if I may give you one advice (which you obviously already know): Hang in there! Work hard and stay focused! Revise the modules a few times until you understand everything…at the same time do not hesitate, but simply DO! Start trying, start implementing! Even if you do not see through every little detail yet. It’s all part of the learning process and there is really no better way to understand all the processes than by simply implementing and trying! If you need any more support, do not hesitate to reach out for us at Even more important than that - I highly encourage you to connect with all our other students here in the forum. Ask your questions and grow your knowledge through the combined experience of our community. Besides that I also recommend you to browse through all the tutorials of our Help Desk.
Another super helpful part of our course are the Weekly SAS Live Trainings on Thursdays. My colleague Ilya will guide you step-by-step through selected topics and you will also have the chance to directly address your questions in the dedicated ‘Question and Answer’ part.
I really hope this will be helpful…work hard and always remember that it will all be worth it!!! :champagne::blush: