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Having trouble setting up my profile


I cannot get points and badges because I’m having a hard time setting up my profile



@montaslhendricks Whats the problem my friend?



I’m trying together my profile and goals badge checked off. also should I go ahead and select a product to promote and follow every step John does in week one? I



He really pushes throughout the program to take action right away and “do the work” I can respect that but on a different page I personally like to do a little research about particular niches and products. I don’t wanna go in blind not knowing anything about the process or product. But John does give you step by step instructions and resources to promote his SAS product on Clickbank. So feel free to follow John along and do the work as he says and get those links out there. Really the speed you implement everything is up to you, although John says MONEY LIKES SPEED! I’m waiting on my business laptop to be delivered and so I’m on hold at the moment. I am working on Week 3-4 stuff. Take care my friend and best of luck!