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GRRRRRR What is going on with FB!


So I am a TOTAL newbie to any kind of adverstising/marketing whatever. My FB ads keep getting rejected.
I thought maybe because my page doesn’t have any likes, or to much content yet… so I thought, maybe I will spend a couple of bucks and boost a none SAS related post, to see if I can get some likes and shares.
I used this meme/post that I made, sorry you Americans, I was trying to use a pain point and semi controversial topic… Trump… to get attention… Feel free to use Trudeau… :grimacing:

and this is what FB said…


this was a post, I posted on my fb page and tried to boost… wtf… ffs… sorry for my swearing, just frustrated!!
Rant over.



Hi Jeanette. Sorry for your frustration with FB. They are ridiculous with their rejections sometimes. I wish I could offer a solution…but I am having similar difficulties with FB myself. Keep grinding and experimenting…you will figure it out! Good Luck.

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Beware of the powers of Farcebook. I just posted about my experiences with them. Stick with it Jeanette…it does and will work. I’m not sure about the future of our advertising on FB.



I like the quote, wrote it down. I’m just starting and will use it for encouragement. Thanks.
Hope your issue was resolved.

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