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Greeting from Bay Area USA


Hello eveyone here is my story. I joined SAS 6 months ago a ran into a few walls. In week 1 where you join clickbank i was denied a membership… i emailed clickbank and it took almost 2 months to fix the mistake i made when filling out the app. i had stopped watching the videos at week 2 because i thought if i could not open an account at CB i could not be in the program. So i am up and running again and in November i was having Sara {support} in the UK help me set up a presale page to market the SAS program . i did not care about making a sale even thought that would have been nice to. I am not a tech person or every done anything like this and it was a little intimidating for me to. Then before i could start posting both my parents came down with serious health issues. They asked me to come and help them and off to Oregon i went. Both had to be admitted into the hospital at different times. My dad was the worst he came down with pneumonia his lungs where filling up with liquid and he could not breathe. Fortunately he survived but i was gone for 2 months. Back home i have a job and kind of got wrapped up in that and not doing at least 1 hour a say on SAS. This is something i really want to do and so i had to recommit to do. so i started at the beginning again. in the mean time i was starting to have vision problems which I thought i just needed new glasses. Had to go see an eye doctor and found out I needed an operation . Then my operation got postponed because of covid 19. So i started watching the videos again a couples of hours a day and more time on the computer. In 1 week with my glasses and a 10 power magnifying glass any page with a white back ground i could not see anything anymore and my vision overall was not good. I have stayed off the computer for a week now and have ordered a blue screen hopeing that might help. My plan now is to do what ever i can do until i have my operation which i hope can be done in June once they slow and get the virus under control. When i get my blue screen i will listen too the videos and keep my looking at them them to a minimum. Basically do what i can do until the operation.once again this is something i really want to do but will have to be patient right now. For the record this email would have taken me 5 minutes to type it took one hour twenty five minutes for real. Larry.

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