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GOOGLE ADS they can suck it


I just got booted from Google…all I did was follow all of John’s instructions to a T for placing a youtube ad…
this is what I received today

Dear advertiser,

Thanks for your continued patience during this process. We’ve confirmed that your account is in violation of our Google Ads policies. Since this decision is final, the account will not be reinstated. Please avoid creating additional Google Ads accounts, as they will be subjected to the same suspension.

Our support team will not be able to give you any more specifics on the suspension.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.





yep…that is the plan

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did they address it?
I dropped off…I figured they wouldn’t want to bring it up

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Learn Learn Learn…Thanks guys~~

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we will just have to watch and see if someone has a response along the way…I have this posted under Google ads as well…
just keep plugging away…there is a lot of good info to learn for any newbie

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Hello! What was the initial reason for the suspension? Did they say which policy was being violated? I’ve never had my Google Ads account suspended. I’ve had my FB account suspended, but never Google. It sounds like their decision is final but I’m very curious what the original policy violation was. You can try to create a new ads account on your current Google ID or just create a new Google ID / Gmail account and you should be gtg with ads again.



@jssikula did they at least tell you which policy was being violated?



I can’t seem to find a specific email now…it was a circumventing policy or some bs like that…no good answer or specifics on how or why i was booted.

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