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Google Ads Running, but no clicks


Hi all,

I have 2 Google ads running, but I don’t receive much activity on my site. My site focuses on 2 niches - fitness & health and bizopp. I wrote blogs for both of the niches and inserted affiliate links throughout the blog, so people that are interested would buy. I haven’t received any clicks. Can anyone give me feedback on my work, and I could help out with something too.



HI! Do you mean clicks on your affiliate link?..On which week are you?..Anyway, make sure the customer journey (ad-presell page-product) is congruent, and i highly suggest you to watch the webinar reply about the main elements of a great presell page (you can find it in the upcoming events section of the forum, it’s one of the latest webinar!!!)…hope that helps! :smiley:



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Thanks for helping @Fara out @Marco.Buccella, good advice you have there.



thank you for your help!

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