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Google Ads have had no success


I have been running my google search and display ads for 2 weeks now. I have had over 160 clicks, and no conversions. I’m even running split-ads trying to test new advertising methods. I have set goals for myself, and I have imagined myself succeeding, I have kept faith through all of this failure. Expect some failures and keep going… that’s what I’ve told myself. I can’t afford to wait any longer, I’ve spent nearly $300 on these ads. John, any tips? Mentally… to attract these sales. I’ve done the work, I’ve stayed consistent, what else do I need to do.



Hi Zach - you are getting a lot of movement on your ads as far as clicks is concerned. What do your stats look like in Clickbank?



Hi Sheryl, in the last 14 days I’ve had 40 hops.



Did you put a display ad or instream ad. It makes a big difference. Instream are the ones that show before a YouTube video starts. A display ad show under YouTube search results and you have to rely on the quality if the thumbnail. I have gotten several sales using YouTube ads. I don’t do Facebook. I hope this helps.



yes I’ve had a display ad up for about a week now and it has 184 clicks with zero sales. My youtube ad is still under review.



It should be “instream ad”. I got 2 sales on my 1st week. Maybe I got lucky. But it is instream. What helped me when I got started is I watched all the webinar replays from at least Oct 2018 to January 2019. Don’t forget to watch 2.0 version of the course. I obviously study other things but this course has helped me the most because now I can promote other offers too.



Thank you! My instream ad just got approved and is now running. I’m going to take your advice and watch the webinar replays. Are you promoting other offers with the same domain? Or how does that work?

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Thank you for your advice. Did you do FB in the very beginning? Did you have a lot of issues being blocked or shut down? I do like YouTube, and have used it for promotional pieces in my previous career. John talked in his training early on about free ads with YouTube. How is this working for you, and are you focusing on other niches I think available in John’s swipe file he alluded to?

Tami and Michael



Sorry for late reply, email went to spam. If you have been watching the webinar replay, you probably seen why I recommend those ones. Right now I am trying to promote Builderall and Clickfunnels. I like the idea of recurring income. I have a Crestani template in Builderall but it is not as good as the one in Clickfunnels. While not as good as Clickfunnels, I like Builderall because you can connect upto 15 domains and unlimited subdomains so you can have a unique domain for each offer. My builderall template for the SAS is

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Sorry for late reply, I guess I am old school and don’t have a Facebook account. For the line of work that I do, I can get suspended or fired depending on the content a Facebook page or the content someone else puts on there.

So far I have about 6 sales and the most success with YouTube. I could have made more but was experimenting with different keywords.

To get free YouTube Ads, you may need to create a new Adsense account because those promo codes are for new people. I have 50+ domains with GoDaddy. When you sign up (buy a domain) you get Google ads and Bing promo codes. If you want to get creative open accounts for your relatives. It is how I made my first few sales of SAS for free.

I have been digging in deep right in making a Real Estate related course for someone in the legal field in a niche where there is no competition. I am making this course in Clickfunnels so I have been spending tons of time learning about it.

I can honestly say that John Crestani’s program has changed my life. This opportunity wouldn’t have been available to me if I hadn’t been exposed to John’s methods and Clickfunnels. What helped me get this opportunity was taking the Clickfunnels- One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA).

Near the end of the program, they give you a template and that is how I am creating this course. Using OFA to create the system with an affiliate system and SAS to promote it.

All I can say the #1 thing that has help me the most is turning off the TV and focusing more on learning new things.



Appreciate the updates and congratulations on your sales :slight_smile: