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Domain Link vs Hoplink from Clickbank,,,


John says one big mistake is NOT using your domain link when advertising.
If someone could explain WHEN and WHERE
do I use my domain link ?
do I use my hoplink I get from clickbank?

Thank you



Hi @la.lena2000, I believe he said affiliate link, hoplink or direct link.

This is because to promote any kind of affiliate offer on any advertising network (Google ads, Facebook Ads, Bing…), you cannot use the direct hoplink / affiliate link / redirecting link, these kinds of promotions are always rejected.

You’d need to have a website/presell/landing page of your own that complies with the network’s policy in order to promote the offer.

This rule is only applicable when advertising through network ads. I hope this helps.



Thank You SAS Staff…
So when I’m promoting on these advertising networks such as FB,Google, Youtube…etc…
I need to use my domain name (with a slug)…which is where my landing page or presell page will be and when they click on my landing page that will take them to the item I’m promoting? Yes?
However, I’m still looking for the When and Where for my hoplinks…

Thank You