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CLICKFUNNELS seems like stripping off my ClickBank Hoplink


I’m starting to believe what @rho mentioned and showed on his video about CLICKFUNNELS STRIPPING off my clickbank affiliate link that’s why my hop count is not added on my tracking ID, only to vendor because I did the same test like he did.

HI @john.crestani. Would really appreciate your thoughts on this.



Like I said on the other thread as well:

I did some more testing, long story short, It’s the survey. The survey is adding parameters to the linkURL that is removing the tid.

I came up with a work-around, I think. I set up a Google Analytics “pixel” in ClickBank (In addition to the Google Ads pixel). My hope is that combined with other cookies GA will give me the data I need.

i am also bypassing the survey all-together and made it a simple link click to the sales webinar.

Moving Forward.



Thanks @rho

I tried to put my clickbank urls directly to both FB & google but it’s not allowing to.
So I just added a sentence on my text that they can click my click bank URL to get free training right away…

Hoping to get some sale soon.



Clickfunnel headache
Click keeps giving trouble. I could not get hops to register. I removed the survey and it seemed to work. After blowing some more money on a Youtube campaign it appears not to be working. So at this time went to the manual landing page that worked instantly.
It’s frustrating I have a lot of funds tied up in Clickfunnels. Clickfunnel support wants to throw the problem on Clickbank. I can’t seem to get a solution to the problem and from what seeing others a having the same issues.



Hi @rho & @garydgram.

Around 1:00 am here in the Middle East few hours ago,
I removed the pop ups and now finding the hop counts generated on both vendor and my personal tracking ID.

And after 3 attempts in Facebook to approve my ads (which used to be approved before), I woke up this morning and seen that 1 ad approved 4 hours ago; then the other just an hour ago.

It’s running again and hopefully my pixel will optimize soon.

FIngers Crossed… on having my first sale on SAS program…:blush::blush::blush:



Yesterday, for the first time My Tracking ID counts match my Vendor counts. I think I got all the bugs out.
(1) I am not using the survey. The button instead, has a simple link to a placeholder page on my site.
(2) I still like ClickFunnels. There is a lot of functionality that I can see myself using down the road.
(3) I hover over links to see where they are going, that is why I have a placeholder page. So the link looks pretty.
(4) The placeholder page is blank and has a permanent redirect to clickbank with the appropriate TID.
(5) I am using Google Analytics to track activity (events) on the page, i.e video views.



Hi Lea
I’ve been working with Clickfunnels on this issue of Clickbank Tid.
He came up with a workaround. I set up on my funnel this way and it seems to be working.
I’m posting the video Clickfunnels support sent me.

Take Care



Thanks @garydgram & @rho for the tips… :blush::blush::blush:



I’m using the manual method. Can you please tell me how to remove the survey?
Thanks. Appreciated it.



@raedinavt Just wondering why you wish to remove the survey? What is your intention, and maybe I can help.





That is a computer program provided bu John. Therefore, the tech support can help you with that.