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Clickbank Heads Up


I’ve tried to make money on clickbank for years and never made a dime. Johns training helped me make that first sale and boy was it exhilarating. whooping $460!

However… turns out that in order to get paid you need to make a minimum of 5 sales on your clickbank account (5 sales lifetime) to get your first check.

Major Major blow to my excitement and passion for IM. Wish i would have known this beforehand. So thought I would let you know if you did not know.

Make sure to start with low ticket items to try and get the baseline 5 sales before blowing your last dollar on ads to get the SAS or another high ticket sale. Clickbank will hold your money until those 5 sales are complete

Im so bummed man… i have nothing left to spend and im in major debt. Sucks

I hope you all the best of luck. Keep fighting



Hey @lmann90

Have you used your free ads coupons?



Hey @Sabrina I used my $100 credit for google which now is also considered youtube. What other credits are there?

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$100 Bing
$50 LinkedIn
$100 Apple
$300 Yelp
among others

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Thank you for posting this. I am also on my last credit to turn a profit. I am happy to hear about your win!! Way to go and not give up. WOO HOO! That sucks you just got the wind knocked out of you with that news. Please keep us updated on how your progress in getting those 5 sales. :blush: I have not published my google ad because I only have paypal credit left , I forgot about the credits so I will try that and see if I can get one posted. :slight_smile: at the very least it will be more practice so I have making ads down. lol