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Blue Host & Clickfunnels


Hi Guys really getting frustrated with Blue Host
my site was working fine up to a week ago then it became un-responsive
been on chat with blue host and Clickfunnels still down
then get a message from clickfunnels this morning –
“Unfortunately your registrar (Bluehost) is not within the ones Clickfunnels supports at this point, sorry about that.”

has anybody come across this any advice welcome



Hi Paul,

If am correct i have an issue also even creating my website on BLUEHOST. I understand SAS has a platform in the SAS panel that allows you to create a domain and link it with your SAS Presell page.

you see the ADD DOMAIN in the SAS control panel. you might want to confirm if its active though.



Hi Kenny thanks for your advice
can not find the platform int he SAS panel :frowning:



Hi Paul,

I think this is the link to the panel



brill thank you so much :smile:

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Hi, I’m a little bit concerned about the bluehost webpage and creating my website. I’m struggling with this issue because i have already spent over $1,600 aud on this SAS course and i have to pay an extra $280 aud just for bluehost signup, is there any other option apart from bluehost that i can go on or options that you can recommend that can me help out? Cheers, Ray