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Been sending traffic to wrong hoplink


Hello! :slight_smile:

I am on my third week of the SAS training and I love the content this far. I am a beginner but feel like I have learned a lot this far, from both this course and the 2018 course. I have one issue that I am wondering about though.

I have been promoting the SAS course on google and facebook a little bit. But I realized that when I post my clickbank hoplink in clickfunnels it automatically changes to another hoplink after I click save in clickfunnels. So I been sending traffic to the wrong hoplink.

I contacted SAS support team regarding this issue because I want to know what became of those link clicks i got (like 40 link clicks from fb and google), because I cant see how many hops I got to the hoplink that is not mine. She is telling me that I should generate a new hoplink and accept that I been promoting someone else’s link. Which made me feel a bit uneasy. I submitted my request on Sunday but still have not received any sincere answer. I know that 40 clicks isn’t much, but the way I see it is that it’s not impossible one of those clicks turned into a sale. I just want to be certain. That’s why im asking my question here instead. So:

1, Why did this happend?
2, Is there someway which I can see if I received any hops to the link that is not mine?

Has anyone else stumbled upon this problem and know if there is any solution?

Thank you! :slight_smile: