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Another Rant - Google Ads


I have been “negotiating” with Google Ads for some time The latest request for reactivation is based on a specific form that I was able to complete explaining in a lot more detail why I thought my account should be reactivated…

This morning I discovered there is a Google Ads app on the iPhone. Great, I thought! Then I read the reviews. A huge number of single star reviews with lots of complaints about the policies of Google and how difficult it is for newbies to advertising to make any progress with this network.

Can we have a video or two on the best way to approach getting approval for each of these networks in the shortest time possible, with the lowest risk of getting shut down. This would have to include information on whether we should/should not use ‘old’ accounts. Particularly for the ‘big’ networks as it seems their policies are strictly enforced - sometimes by computers using algorithms that we cannot possibly know about.



Bottom line - don’t take no for an answer! The suspension on my account has been lifted as of today, and the ad that was shut down is running again - a couple of hops so far, but no sales! Time for a busy weekend!



Another update - I just spoke with the people in India. The suspension on my account has been lifted, and the banner will be cleared in 24 hours - my ad is getting impressions! They told me that if I log in using the incognito option, I can go directly to the account I want - the regular log-in was causing me problems. So, all is resolved, and I can now move forward with making money!