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38 John Crestani Videos for You to Repost (keeping this up for only 7 days)


Hi All,

For anyone to has been in affiliate marketing for a while or is even new knows one of the easiest tactics to start building a YouTube channel for monetization or even affiliate marketing is to repost other videos.

If you watch enough of Crestani’s videos, you’ll even realize most if not all of his videos are creative commons. And he’ll even tell you in some of them to share HIS videos anywhere! Even sell them as your own course!

So to help the community out, I’ve downloaded and compiled 38 great affiliate marketing videos from John Crestani for you to repost which you can download from my Google Drive. This saves time for anyone who doesn’t want to download them individually.

I am only keeping this link available until next Sunday so be sure to download the files asap!

Happy Affiliate Marketing.



Thank you! I have just started the course on Thursday and still am trying to catch up to everyone.



Dang, I missed out! Great idea, though :). Any chance they’re still around?