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$200+ Ad Spend this Week. 18 Hops and No Order Form Impressions?


Hey guys,

Not sure what is going on. I decided to follow the training’s advice and create the ads as shown in the training modules. Same ad copy…video…targetting…etc.

I understand that a ton of testing may need to be done before finding profitable campaigns. My metrics just seem a bit low… CTR, CPC, HOP Count, etc…

Some of my Facebook ads will not spend/exhaust my budget. Some days only showing my ad to less than 20 people? I am a bit confused…

Currently running 3 FB ads with $100 budget each, and one Google Search ad at the moment at $15/day

I attached a screenshot of just these past 7 days in FB (can only upload one picture per post). Can you guys think of anything to improve?

Thank you!



Here are my Google Search Stats



Clickbank Stats



Here is one of the ads… I emulated the ad recommended in training.



Thank you for commenting on my post on FB ads elsewhere in the forum. Regarding low shows, did it give you an estimate of potential audience?

To geek out (?procrastination opportunity) on approaches to ad selection see:

Multi-armed bandit optimisation

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My initial audience was at 70K… so I thought removing the “Engaged Shoppers” targeting would help. It boosted my audience to 540K. Still the same reach… my 3 FB ads being split tested right now have changed today.

2 improved greatly (one of them got shut off shortly after). The other is still stuck in limbo, with a total reach of about 20 after only spending about $3 out of the much much larger budget I gave it. I will be turning it off.

I am still on a learning curve with Google. It will come. I like the reporting and flexibility much better in Google Adwords at this time.

Wish you luck and stay in touch!