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1st 2020 SAS Sale with an Up-sell


Hey SAS peeps…
Sean here and I may have made mention of my 1st SAS sale with an Upsell,
But I’ll post it again for those who haven’y heard.

Week 2 into the SAS course I landed my 1st sale promoting the SAS ! Also
had an up-sell there as well. I believe my customer went with the 1-on-1 coaching too.

I am making great progress with the course with implementing the material and
" Dong The Work " to see results.

I have a few Google Ads running as well, and driving traffic too. It’s a numbers game
that icludes an IRRESISTIBLE OFFER and adding value to your prospects as well.

Stay focused my SAS friends and reach out, work hard everyday.

~ Sean



Hi, Sean! Congratulations on your sale! Looking forward to more sales in the future or soon!. :):grinning:

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Sean, we are absolutely stoked to hear about your success! That’s fantastic news! Way to go :100::100::100:
Here is to many more :clinking_glasses:
Keep us updated

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Good for you! Have you had continued success? Give me some tips! Sue

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Congratulations, You had the options to follow the training step by step you therefore have every opportunity to make sales. Good for you.

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I can not wait… to make a post just like you! So happy for you!!! KEEP GOING!:wink::kissing_closed_eyes::hugs:



Congratulations Sean!



Hey SAS peeps !
So I’m going through the new Beta version of John’s course…
Great material and interactive platform too.
I have already finished the current SAS course ( 6 weeks ) and this new course
is very good…inspirational to the point of motivation. Motivation to continue posting links…
following up on leads from paid ads " WHICH" resulted in another SALE today :sunglasses:
Never give up…don’t quit on yourself, ok ?

Stay plugged in and don’t get hung up on little set backs or hick-ups !
Keep moving forward and reach out to support and or attend the weekly
Live Webinars with Ilya…he’s fantastic !

~ Sean

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