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Latest news on upcoming events and product releases from John Crestani.

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There are basic rules that everyone MUST follow. Before you do anything else read this area or else…

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Step-by-step instructions on what to do. This area is read only - Post your questions in the Newbie Help or the other forums


Introduce yourself! Where are you from, what do you currently do for a living, and what are your goals?!

Super Affiliate Websites

Did you get a FREE Super Affiliate website? This is a place to get all your SAS Website questions answered. Learn about ways to optimize your website and make more money.

Super Affiliate System Discussion

Discuss Super Affiliate System methods, and share ideas, tips, and advice.

Affiliate Offers

This section is for discussing affiliate offers other than the Super Affiliate System.

Success Stories

How has the Super Affiliate program changed your life?

Internet Marketing Discussion

Talk about internet marketing in general.

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Use this area to talk about Facebook issues and topics.

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Use this area to talk about Google Ads issues and topics.

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Discuss anything Youtube and Youtube ads related here.

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A place for the discussion of anything related to native advertising

Black Hat Strategies

Have a new strategy to discuss or talk about one you’ve found? At your own risk folks!

Rant and Rave

Put whatever you want, good or bad… But no blatant advertising.

Spam Zone AKA Non-SAS Product Promotions

Use this forum for any offers or discussions that are not Super Affiliate System related. All posts will be reviewed.

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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.